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About us

We are Australia owned and operated business in Australia city - Sydney . pacific pearls® brand are Australia business in Australia city - Sydney since 2004 . We directly selling Australian south sea pearls, Tahitian black pearls ,Japanese akoya saltwater cultured pearls, freshwater pearls jewellery and loose pearls at very competitive prices. Our every pearl direct from the pearl farm manufacturer to our company, By cutting out all the Middlemen, we are able to offer you truly wholesale price .We offer 30 days money back guarantee policy for every jewellery item sold. If you are not fully satisfied with any pearl jewellery , you can return it in same condition for refund No questions asked. We ship pearls to Australia , US, UK, Canada and other many other places in the world.

Our policy is to deliver the high level of customer satisfaction at all times. That is why we meticulously focus on price, design, quality and service. We are very confident in our product line and of its quality .every item goes through a very strict quality control ,each pearl purchased is personally inspected by our professional pearl buyer to ensure that customers are getting great value and a great product .its inspectors are selective when it comes to pearls ,ensuring that only the loveliest and finest are available through this site. It is important that customer obtain superior quality, while still receiving great value. and our designers choose the fashionable materials to insure a complementary collection for your aspiration. we have access to a wide range of pearls such as Australian South Sea pearls, Tahitian black pearls, Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured pearls, Freshwater pearls, and loose pearls. We are proud to offer high-quality pearl jewellery including earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. All of our pearl designs are crafted to perfection with utmost care to make sure the brilliance is well reflected in our jewellery. Explore the world of pearl jewellery with the best in the market as we provide exquisite affordable jewellery! People who are in relationships are who we aim to target because they would want to please and make their partner happy , we want to see the smile on the faces of our customer's loved ones when they receive our top gem quality of pearl jewellery. Pearls are a timeless piece of Jewellery and remain a statement piece in the fashion industry. we provide the beautiful natural gift of pearls to our customer and their lover . At Pacific Pearls International, we strive to celebrate love. We see pearls as a symbol of endearment. Ancient Romans believed that pearls were made from the tears of God, and the person who wears pearls, would never be sad. The pearl is the only organic gem that comes from a living host, Pearls are symbol of wisdom and believed to attract wealth, prosperity, luck and charm. This made Pearl a symbol of prestige in our society , and therefore, it is highly admired in various cultures around the world as the awe of something so gorgeous coming to us from a live being. Thus, ancient art depicts pearls as being a kindred representation of the majestic, awe inspiring of Life and Love. the popularity of Pearl jewellery amongst the celebrities and the gaining success across the globe. And remained a symbol of sophistication, favoured by Hollywood royalty and actual royalty alike. Pearl jewellery were always used by women to show the wealth, status and power in the society. But not many know that pearl jewellery are also symbolic of the love and affection of their loved ones towards them. We here at Pacific Pearls International aim to do just that: Celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world: Love. This is the foundation of what we do. Love is a feeling beyond geographical boundaries, and that is what we aim to achieve by free express shipping anywhere in the world, no matter how far or how near your loved one is. There are always occasions to celebrate love such as birthdays, or anniversaries, or mothers’ day, Christmas gifts , engagement gift... but we believe that love something to be adored every day.  


pacific pearls®

A Gem From Ocean 

A Natural Gift For True Love ...   








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Pacific Pearls International is a proud member of the GIA . (GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA ) and a Member of the GIA Alumni Association.