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Who we Are: Pacific Pearls International

Pacific Pearls® International are Australia’s leading pearl sellers since its inception in 2004 . We specialize in deliveries of finest quality in Australian south sea pearls, Tahitian black pearls, Japanese akoya saltwater cultured pearls, freshwater pearls Jewelry , Pearl Earrings , Pearl Pendants, Pearl Necklaces , Pearl Bracelets , Pearl Rings and loose pearls at very competitive prices. Each and every pearl gets sourced directly from the pearl farm manufacturer and hand-selected pieces are offered to our customers. Eliminating the Middlemen from the process, we are able to offer you the top quality pearls at wholesale prices .We even offer 30 days money back guarantee policy for each and every jewellery item sold only. If you are not satisfied with any piece of pearl jewellery, you can return it in the same condition and apply for refund, with no questions asked. We ship high quality pearls to Australia, US, UK, Canada and all over the world.

Our policy is to deliver high level of customer satisfaction at all times. That is why we meticulously focus on price, design, quality and service. We are very confident in our product line and the quality that we deliver. Every piece of pear and jewellery goes through a very strict quality control procedure. The individual piece of pearl purchased is personally inspected by our professional pearl buyer to ensure that customers are getting great value and a great product. The inspectors onboard are highly selective and ensure that only the loveliest and finest pearls are available through the website. We assure that the customer get delivered with superior quality, while still getting great value prices in pearl jewellery pieces in New York, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Anaheim, Orlando, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and all across the world . Our designers come up with the trending and fashionable materials to ensure a complementary collection for our customers to adore.

We have access to a wide range of pearls such as Australian South Sea pearls, Tahitian black pearls, Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured pearls, Freshwater pearls, and loose pearls. We are proud to offer high-quality pearl jewellery including earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. All of our pearl designs are crafted to perfection with utmost care to make sure the brilliance is well reflected in our jewellery.

Explore the world of pearl jewellery with the best in the market as we provide exquisite affordable jewellery!

People who are in relationships are who we aim to target because they would want to please and make their partner happy. We take immense pride in seeing smiles on the faces of our customer's loved ones, when they receive our top gem quality of pearl earring, pear pendants, pearl rings, pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets. Pearls are a timeless piece of jewellery and remain a statement piece in the pearl industry. We have been fortunate to provide this beautiful natural gift of pearls to our customer and their loved ones.

At Pacific Pearls International, we strive to celebrate love. We see pearls as a symbol of endearment. Ancient Romans believed that pearls were made from the tears of God, and the person who wears pearls, would never be sad. The pearl is the only organic gem that comes from a living host. Original Pearls are a symbol of wisdom and are believed to attract wealth, prosperity, luck and charm. This has made Pearl jewellery as a symbol of prestige in our society and therefore, it is highly admired in various cultures around the world as the awe of something so gorgeous coming to us from a live being. Thus, ancient art depicts pearls as being a kindred representation of the majestic, awe inspiring of Life and Love. The popularity of Pearl jewellery amongst the celebrities has made it a symbol of sophistication, highly favoured by Hollywood royalty and actual royalty alike.
Diamond Pearl jewelery has always been used by women to show the wealth, status and power in the society. But not many of us know that pearl jewellery is also symbolic of showing love and affection of their loved ones towards them.

We here at Pacific Pearls International aim to do just that!
Celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world: “LOVE”. This is the foundation of what we do. Love is a feeling beyond geographical boundaries, and that is what we aim to achieve by free express shipping anywhere in the world, no matter how far or how near your loved one is.
There are always occasions to celebrate love such as birthdays, or anniversaries, or mothers’ day, Christmas gifts, engagement gift... but we believe in delivering something that is to be adored every day.


What are your Shipping Policies?

Free shipping anywhere in the world!


We use Australia Post Express post platinum to send orders within Australia , arrive in 1-3 working days . We can even deliver it to a PO Box.

We use insured international registered mail, keeping the shipping time to be approximately 5-10 working days. You will be required to sign up for your order on delivery. If you are not at the delivery address, you will receive a card in your letterbox, informing you that the deliverable can be collected from the post office. We can even deliver it to a PO Box.


What is your Returns Policy?

Satisfaction guarantee
If you are not happy with our product, you can return it in the same condition for refund. We will refund you the purchase price, within 30 days of purchase. There is no extra charge involved in exchange policy

How long will it take to receive my refund?

If you are not happy with our product, you can return it in same condition for refund. We will refund you the purchase price, within 30 days of purchase. Once we receive your returned item, your refund will be processed in within 48 hours.

Order Tracking

You can check the status of the delivery and via tracking information, once the order delivery starts in processing.

Which Payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, Credit Cards

How to take care of pearls?

Here are some of the important tips to keep your pearls lustrous and long lasting. Pearls are soft as compared to other gemstones. It is important to take special care of your precious pearls.

1. Store your pearls jewelry in a soft jewelry bag.
2. Prefer to wear your pearls on after applying makeup.
3. Protect pearls from extreme temperature conditions and chemicals. The products such as fruit juice, alcohol, hair spray, vinegar can erode their surfaces.
4. Remover pearl accessories before working around water.
5. Never leave pearls in an airtight container, since it contains water. So, allow them to breathe.
How many types of pearls are available?

Specifically talking about four Main Types of Pearls, we have:
1. White South Sea Pearls

Australia is the world's largest producer of fine white south sea pearls. White south sea pearls are grown in the larger white-lipped oysters found in the Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia and other pacific countries. It requires 2-3 years period for cultivation. South sea pearls develop an exceptionally thick coating of nacre from 2-5 millimeters, perhaps the thickest of all saltwater cultured pearl varieties. Owing to rarity, tremendous size, and silky luster, white south sea pearls command premium price.
Luster – Golden south sea pearls offer rich, subtle, satiny luster that is softer than Japanese Akoya pearls.
Nacre- Usually very thick layer of nacre
Color- Primarily falls in the pearl white family and the available colors include white pink, silver white and warm creamy pink.
Surface- Blemishes are often present, and the blemishes are more acceptable in south sea pearl than in cultured pearls from Japan.
Size-Rarely smaller than 10 millimeters or over 20 millimeters.
2. Tahitian Pearls
Black Tahitian pearls are created in the womb of the special black- lipped mollusk main found in French Polynesia waters. It can be found in the warm water species that naturally ranges across central and south pacific region. This mollusk naturally secretes a dark pigment, which, depending on the quantity, gives the resulting pearl a natural color ranging from black to gray.(NATURAL COLOR NO DYE COLOR)
Tahitian pearls generally develop a nacre coating which is 2-3 millimeters thick. Only a small number of oysters survive to produce a fine pearl.
Luster-The lustrousness can be more subdued than in other varieties. Looks almost velvety, but it can also exhibit luster so intense, that it resembles the metallic sheen of a ball bearing.

Nacre- The nacre coating is quite thick. During the cultivation period which is about for two years, p.margaritifera produces nacre that is typically 2mm thick all the way around.

Color- The colors are dramatic and range from light “dove” gray to a medium-deep “gunmetal” gray. Other colors include the “peacock”, “eggplant”, green, olive-green, blue, magenta and browner. The color that's often most highly valued: a dark green gray to blue gray, with rose to purple overtones.

Shape- Perfectly round pearls are exceptionally rare, and even rarer in fine quality. Other Shapes are near-round, button, and semi- baroque and circled. Rarity is only part of the reason for perfect round pearls' higher value.

Size-Rarely less than 8 mm, the average size is 10-12mm, (perfect round) 15-17mm is considered to be large size. Most Tahitian cultured pearls measure between 8mm and 14mm , Occasionally , a Tahitian cultured pearl will reach 16mm , and once in a great while ( perfect round )18mm.
Akoya pearls are often found in Japan, China and Vietnam. These pearls are farmed in saltwater and grown in oysters. (AKOYA is the Japanese word for saltwater) Akoya pearls take 10-18 months from the time they are nucleated to the point they are ready for harvest .They are the most difficult and costly to grow because of the low survival rates of their host oysters. less than 50 % of Akoya oyster survive the nucleation process. And less than 5% are considered high quality. Akoya pearls command a higher price than freshwater pearls. Freshwater mussels are larger and can produce up to 20 pearls at a time, whereas Akoya saltwater oyster are smaller and can only produce one pearl at a time.
Luster-Fine Akoya can exhibit the most intense luster of any white round, saltwater cultured pearl.

Nacre- The nacre coating is less thick on Akoya pearl than on the south sea types. Nacre Thickness generally averages less than 0.35mm in round pearl.

Color-Normally in the white family. The rarest is white with a surface blush of pink. The cream shades are also quite pleasing. Occasionally pearls occur in unusual colors including pink, blue, gold and gray. Japan is also well known for producing a natural color black pearl.

Size-range is 2-10mm in diameter, although they rarely exceed 10mm.
Freshwater cultured pearls are grown in freshwater, in mussels that live in lakes and rivers. They are grown in many countries. The leading producers of freshwater cultured pearls are The United States, Japan, and China .Freshwater mussels are larger and can produce up to 50 pearls at a time. Freshwater pearls occur in a wide range of colors such as white, pink, orange, lavender, purple, violet, blue, rose, and gray. These are available in varied shapes such as potato, stick, cross, and wing shapes in high quality .The size ranges from 3-15mm.
The LARGE SIZES AND PERFECT ROUND, HIGH LUSTRE freshwater pearls are more expensive, so make sure to compare carefully.
I'm not sure which pearls to select?
Cultured pearl types - akoya, Tahitian, south sea and freshwater often occur in distinct size ranges , although the differences are getting less pronounced due to changes in culturing practices by many pearl producers . In the recent past , the smaller cultured pearls in a jeweler's inventory tended to be akoyas . Cultured pearls larger than 10mm were most often South Sea or Tahitian pearls, simply because large sizes are more commonly cultured in mollusks form those areas.
The importance of a pearl's size to its ultimate value depends on the pearl type. If a fine pearl is larger than usual for its type, it will be worth more than smaller pearls of the same type because of the rarity of this desirable quality. If a South sea and an akoya cultured pearl are equal in other ways, large size will have more effect on the akoya cultured pearl's value than the south Sea cultured pearl's value . That's because large size is less common in akoya cultured pearls.

How can I tell if my pearls are real?

Marketing firm reports revealed that manufacturers used South Sea Shell Pearls in place of real, high-quality South Sea Pearls to experiment whether or not purchasers could notice the difference. The findings state that buyers could not tell the difference between the two kinds of pearl! These shell pearls weren't made from glass, plastic, or wax; rather, they were grown from South Sea oyster's shells in a scientific laboratory.
Today's imitations of fine pearls are extremely convincing, easily mistaken for the real, premium cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are pearls that are produced inside of mollusks or oysters that live in lakes or bays, giving them both the quality you see and price to match. These "faux," imitation pearls are not made by any sort of living water creature. Rather, they are made from plastic, glass, or shell beads to falsify a genuine appearance.
A cultured pearl has a deep, rich luster, one that cannot be copied by an imitation pearl, regardless of how it's made. However, the most reliable test in most cases for distinguishing real pearls from faux ones is the tooth test. It's easily done. Simply run the pearl in question along your teeth's edges. A real pearl will be slightly gritty or abrasive, while a fake one will be perfectly smooth. Try this test first on pearls that you know are either genuine or imitation to see how they will feel. An area of caution: the tooth test may not be fully reliable for an amateur when testing imitation Majorica pearls. To a trained, expert eye, these fakes have a different look than a real, cultured pearl; however, to an untrained person, they could be very easily mistaken for a genuine one. A very close surface examination using a loupe allows you to see a "pinpointed" surface of the faux pearl; a cultured pearl has a very smooth surface when closely looked at. An imitation Majorica pearl can be easily identified for you by a knowledgeable gemologist or a nearby jeweler.
At Pacific Pearls International, we guarantee that every single pearl we sell to customers worldwide is genuine!

 How do I pick the perfect pearl color?

As with clothing fashions , people's ideas of fine pearl color can change overtime . Greens with blue and rose overtones are currently becoming as popular with Tahitian cultured pearl buyer as the more traditional black and gray body colors.

Selecting my necklace and necklace length

Pearl Necklace Lengths

Collar (31-33cm, 12-13 inches)
The collar necklace has Victorian look, pearl collars are usually made up of two or more strands wore high on the neck. White south sea pearl pendants go beautifully with boat neck, V-neck or off the shoulder tops and dresses.
Choker (37-42cm, 14-16 inches)
The choker pearl necklace is an incomparable classic, and probably the most versatile of all pearl lengths.

Princess (43-50cm, 17-19 inches)
A princess length necklace must match your uniform.

Matinee (51-61cm, 20-24 inches)
The matinee pearl necklace looks great with a business suit or a dress.
Opera (77-92cm, 30-36 inches)
The opera necklace is the queen of lengths, best suited for formal engagements in evening dresses. You can also double it on itself and turn it into a highly versatile, shorter length.
Rope (over 92cm, 36inches)
The rope pearl necklace is very luxurious and highly sexy!
What are the pearl certificates?

Every item we sell comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Guarantee describing the piece, I      ts quality, and its 100% genuine high quality pearls.
Value of Pearls

The seven pearl value factors are:

Are white pearls the best?

Fine pearl color can be any color that appeals to consumers. If the desirable pearl color is also rare – unusual for its species , or scarce in the market – fine pearls displaying it will command high prices .

Wedding Pearl Jewelry

For many years people have attached words like “purity “devotion”, and “love “to cultured pearls. Cultured pearl jewelry has also been a long- standing tradition for brides. The American actress Grace Kelly, who married Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956, wore a wedding gown encrusted with hundreds of pearls

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