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Nothing can express your love better than a Pearl Necklace

Nothing can express your love better than a Pearl Necklace

Posted by Pacific Pearls International on 9th Aug 2019

Expressing love remains the biggest mystery of humankind. While Men never able to express their love to their love interests, women are perfectly comfortable in it. Starting from stone age man considered the masculinity as the expression of love, however women expressed it by words, caring actions, holding hands and other humanly ways. But, as we civilised gifting precious commodities like jewels and gold gave a right way of expression of love to men. Men wanted the easiest way to express the love, and jewels came to rescue. While Gold, Diamond, silver and other jewellery were gaining popularity, Pearl surprised everyone with its astonishing properties. Pearls are symbol of wisdom and believed to attract wealth, prosperity, luck and charm. This made Pearl a symbol of prestige in our society. Combining this with its sensual nature, it became the most sought after article in jewellery industry after diamond. It’s connection with nature made it standout from other stones like Diamond, amethyst, sapphire and many more.

In the year 2017 The Telegraph published an article – Why Pearl Necklaces are having a moment. This explains the popularity of Pearl Necklaces amongst the celebrities and the gaining success across the globe. The article talks in detail about the Pearl as officially the oldest gemstone in the world. And remained a symbol of sophistication, favoured by Hollywood royalty and actual royalty alike; Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales all made the pearl necklace a part of their signature style. The article also talks about its historic significance, way before than these celebrities - the earliest evidence of pearls being worn is from 520 BC when a Persian princess, who was laid to rest with her pearl jewellery. The fragments of which are now displayed at the Louvre exhibition center.

Pearl necklaces are hugely popular amongst royal families across the globe. Jewellery collection of Royal ladies in Europe or Maharanis & Maharajas in India were never completed without a pearl necklace. It was one of the best ways to express the love in those days to gift a Pearl necklace. Because of its worth many times receiver was obliged to accept the offer of proposer. If you are thinking of proposing someone, a necklace of pearls could be your best bet. There are many pearls available and it is said that its very difficult to find an exact match of a pearl. You can find different colour starting from White, to off white, to pink, to grey in Pearl. The best way to find a right Pearl necklace for your loved one is to look at different options available at pacific pearls international

The range and variety will blow your mind but wait, did we tell you about the unbeatable prices? You surely want to find out yourself.

The article in Telegraph further mention that the pearl is becoming very popular again thanks to designers including Gucci, Miu Miu and Ellery. Pearls are used to stud clothes and accessories for AW17. Fashion editor Natasha Goldenberg is pictured wearing a delicate pearl necklace at Paris Fashion and gained lot of attraction.

Necklaces were always used by women to show the wealth, status and power in the society. But not many know that Necklaces are also symbolic of the love and affection of their loved ones towards them. Women always flaunted their costly Pearl necklaces in front of other women to show off the gift they received from their partners. Women adored the different styles they can make with one pearl necklace and can pair up with any clothing style. So, your search for finding a perfect gift to express your love interest ends with a Pearl necklace.

Many scientists believe that mining for precious stones like diamond had a very bad impact on environment. However, the harvesting of Pearl has no significant negative impact of environment. Gifting Pearl necklace also gives you a confidence of positive contribution to the environment. Go ahead and express your love with a Pearl Necklace today.

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