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A present, for me? Is it a romantic present? I love romantic gifts - Australian Pearl Earrings

Posted by Pacific Pearls International on 16th Oct 2019

Jeremy: Let me get the door, baby. Go ahead and sit down, I've made us some delicious dinner and I have a beautiful present for you on your birthday this year.

Amanda: Thank you, Jeremy! A present, for me? Is it a romantic present? I love romantic gifts. I'm sure you did a wonderful job arranging all this. I'm so excited!

Jeremy: Yes, it is a romantic gift. For this birthday, I wanted to get you a gift that made you feel just as beautiful as you are to me. Amanda, you are the most amazing girl I've ever known. Open this gift to see what I picked out to make you happy.

Amanda: It's a pearl necklace! Oh, Jeremy! It's absolutely gorgeous! How did you find such amazing pearls? My grandmother had pearls, my mom and aunts had pearls, and now I have pearls! They're such classic, timeless pieces of jewelry that go with everything I own. I can wear them dressy or casually. Oh, honey, tell me all about them!

Jeremy: Well, it's a company called Pacific Pearls International. They specialize in high-quality diamond and pearl jewellery, the ocean's gems. Do you like them, honey?

Amanda: Oh my goodness, I adore them so much! Thank you!!! I hope you didn't spend a fortune on these, they look so expensive and elegant! You make me so happy, Jeremy!

Jeremy: Baby, you'd be worth it and more. But actually, these pearl earrings, pearl pendant , pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, pearl rings were seventy percent cheaper than what standard prices for pearls are! I saved tons of money on these authentic pearls. Plus, they came with a. certificate stating their authenticity that I put in the bottom of the bag, so you'll know these are the real deal. Not only are they the best quality, but they came at the best price! Pacific Pearls were really awesome to work with to get you the perfect birthday gift. I wanted you to know how much you mean to me.

Amanda: That's incredible! What do I do if something happens to the necklace? If I'm at work, and I catch it on something? Or one of the pearls chips? Can they fix it?

Jeremy: These pearls came with a return guarantee for thirty days, so if something isn't right, you can return it and get all the money back. But, for later on down the road, there's a lifetime warranty on your pearls. That way, you'll know that they will always be well taken care of and you will have them forever. Just like our live, these pearls will last forever!

Amanda: I bet my coworkers will be all over these pearls asking where they came from. Do they have many other pieces for sale?

Jeremy: Oh yeah. I noticed thousands of jewelry pieces on their website when I bought your gorgeous pearls. I also found things for my mom, sister, and aunt! They had a piece of jewelry for everyone! But I knew these pearls were the ones for you, Amanda. I knew instantly just how gorgeous you would look wearing them and how much you would love them. Plus, they'll be here forever, just like I'll always be here to support and love you.