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Pearl as the Perfect Wedding Gift  - pacific pearls®

Pearl as the Perfect Wedding Gift - pacific pearls®

Posted by Pacific Pearls International on 27th May 2020

pacific pearls® 20% off ! Wedding gift ideas code : R5858 ( limited time only) Ends On 29th May 2020 Weddings are such merry and happy times. Love is in the air and everyone is feeling excited that the couple will be spending a lifetime together. A wedding gift will make any wedding more joyful and meaningful. When thinking of one, it's best that you get creative and choose a gift that carries a symbol or story with it. Here in Pacific Pearls International, we believe that pearls make the perfect wedding gift. Just like everlasting love, pearls take time to take shape and must face various adversities. The freshwater pearl necklace, Akoya pearl bracelets , Tahitian black pearl pendants , and Australian South Sea pearl rings that we offer will surely bless the wedding of lucky couples. Jackie Kennedy says " Pearls are always appropriate", this statement is ultimately true. Whatever the occasion may be, wherever the place, and whoever the wearer is, pearl jewellery always stand out. Pearls have this appearance only exclusive to it that no other jewels can compare. A person wearing pearls as an ornament is simply dazzling and beautiful in the eyes of men. But why choose pearls as a wedding gift? At Pacific Pearls International we believe that the legends surrounding pearls make it ideal. The Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of gods and wearing them will prevent a woman from suffering misfortunes on her wedding day. On Hindu legends, the god Krishna plucked the first pearl from the depths of the sea and gave it to his daughter on her wedding day as a symbol of love, union, and purity. However, the greatest reason why you should consider pearl as a gift for weddings is that it symbolizes integrity, purity, generosity, and loyalty to a person who wears it. All these qualities are the traits of a perfect partner in life. That being said, why not consider giving the groom or bride a pearl ring? Pacific Pearls International offers only pearl rings with a certificate of authenticity to prove that the item you'll be buying isn't a fraud and won't burn your money. Aside from this, we also offer a warranty for all pearl jewelry and provide worldwide delivery service to our clients.