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wedding anniversary gifts - Pearl Pendants

wedding anniversary gifts - Pearl Pendants

Posted by Pacific Pearls International on 2nd Sep 2020

pacific pearls® 20% off ! Gift Ideas code : R5858 ( limited time only) Ends On 10th Sep2020 It was our wedding anniversary and the NBA Playoffs are here so I decided to buy tickets for the two of us to watch the next LA Lakers game against the Portland Trail Blazers. I know her favorite player is LeBron James so I know the tickets would make her happy. I wanted to make our anniversary extra special so I decided to check out the newest products of Pacific Pearls International for some highly suggested gifts online.There are Pearl Earrings , Pearl Pendants , Pearl Bracelets , Pearl Necklaces , Pearl Rings and loose pearls ... I looked at so many products until I decided to buy pearl pendants for her. I plan to have LeBron James himself to give it to her during the warmups. Of course, that is wishful thinking because a millionaire like him would not even bother to do what a normal person like me would want. I wanted to try though so I sent him a direct message on Twitter. Even if he won't do it, I was still impressed with the lifetime warranty of Pacific Pearls International. I planned to give it to her during the halftime show of the game. When I decided to give the pearl pendants to my wife, her reaction was so happy. It was like the Lakers already won the game but we are just halfway done the game. I even brought out the Certificate of Authenticity and that brought her to tears. We both knew we have an item that would last a pretty long time. She said she would wear it to all the Lakers games that we would go to in the future. She immediately gave me a kiss and at that time. The best wedding anniversary gifts , A Pearl Pendants from pacific pearls international .