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Graduation Gift for a Daughter - Pearl Necklaces

Graduation Gift for a Daughter - Pearl Necklaces

Posted by Pacific Pearls International on 27th Aug 2020

pacific pearls® 20% off ! Graduation Gift code : R5858 ( limited time only) Ends On 4th Sep2020 My daughter is finally graduating from college and I could not be any prouder than I am right now. Now, she has a boyfriend so I am sure she is happy with her life right now. I would not want to make her think that I have forgotten about her ever since I got busy with my new job though. Because of that, I saw to it that I would give her some nice pearl necklaces for her graduation. A lot of graduation gift ideas popped up in my head but I thought that would be the best idea. A friend of mind recommended Pacific Pearls International so i waned to try it. They have many of pearl Jewellery , like pearl necklaces , pearl earrings , pearl rings , pearl pendants , loose pearls ... I sent them an email enquiring about their pearl necklaces and it was not long before I got a response from one of their highly qualified customer service representatives. It turns out I will also receive a certificate of authenticity . I decided to order one that will arrive on the day of my daughter's graduation. It helps that they offer free delivery. When my daughter's graduation day arrived, we were celebrating at my house when the gift finally arrived. I was excited to see what her reaction was to my gift and I found out it is a lot better than I thought. She hugged me right away and I thought our relationship became better. It helps that the items have a lifetime warranty as that goes to show how confident they are about their products. Her boyfriend finally arrived and he actually bought her the same thing. It turns out we thought of buying from the same company - Pacific Pearls International , and we gave each other a high five. My daughter laughed at the fact that she got two pearl necklaces from two different people.